Sunset at Noon

20 July 2020

This poem, written by Fazza, was read by Ingrid Zacharias at the Celebration of Life for Dylan on July 20th, 2020.

With a heart mixed up with love and mourning at the same time, we celebrate a life well spent though not to the fullest.

The mouth is unwilling to engage in any activity that concerns the heart in the course of this farewell because that will unleash every tear the eyes have withheld for so long a time.

In my heart I picture all the time we spent together. good and bad for that is what life is all about.

And for that my lips are too heavy to utter Farewell.

You have been tough, you’ve been caring, funny, daring, witty, entertaining.

You’ve been everything a person could ask for in a friend and family.

I hate to see you go

But I know that you must

You’re moving on to a great big unknown

I’m so proud of you

So I won’t say goodbye I’ll just say see you later, thanks for the memories!

Oh the sun decided to set at noon.

Yet I believe it happened that I may not be smitten by it’s scotch.

That is the reason why with a heavy heart, lips, and eyes filled with tears yet gladness I say journey well to the world unseen.

We are like the birds that Fly upon the wind in their own adventures

They cross each other now and then and perhaps meet again on the same tree.

But until then be safe as you travel into sunrise and sunset.